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About KPMS

     We provide 4 integrated consulting solutions to help enterprises overcome challenges in project management system implementation. This includes:  

      PMT - Project Management Training 

      PMSOP - Project Management Standard Operating Procedure

      PMO - Project Management Office

      PMIS - Project Management Information System

KPMS Specialties

     We focus on enterprise project management practical application and people skills training. We have practical experience and successful cases in project management standard operating procedure (PMSOP) and project management office (PMO) construction.

     We have developed a whole package of system models, templates, and diagnosis tools to aid enterprises in quick and effective implementation of PMSOP and PMO.

     We are your company's best partner in project management consulting services. We insist on professional ability, trustworthy actions and enthusiastic attitude to fulfill promises to our customers.

Hot Project Management Courses

Core Foundation Project Management (CFPM)
Research Development Project Management (RDPM)

Training Cases

  • Practical Project Management (Lite-On IT)
  • Effective RD Project Management (Inventec)
  • Hi-level Managers - Risk Management (MTI)
  • Team Managers Project Management (Innolux)
  • Managers Project Management (ChipMOS)
  • Financial Managers Project Management (Finance Co.)
  • Product RD Risk Management (CMO)
  • Project Managers Communication Skills (CMO)
  • RD Schedule Compression and Management (MSI)
  • RD Schedule Compression and Management (Sunplus)
  • Project Management Problems Diagnosis (Z-com)
  • Project Management (Aten)

More Training Cases

Project Management Course Series

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