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Kris Time & Cost Control Process

Kris Time & Cost Control Process

Project control's core elements are 'time', 'cost' and 'resources'. General project management scheduling software can only use these three elements to calculate, analyze, and report main inputs and outputs information. As for scope, quality, risks; these are normally controlled by manpower or by standalone software. Based on various project complexities and control requirements, enterprises can choose suitable control elements, procedures, forms, software, reporting methods and review organization etc.

However, it must be noted that complex controls may not equal effective controls. In a complex succession of control procedures, so-called 'structured', 'objective' and 'relevant' data may just be the result of complex and unknown cause and effects. Project team members must still be depended on to do problems analysis and solutions. Therefore, we recommend the use of simple project control processes and software for less complexity and higher effectiveness.

The control procedure and methodology below is a core basic model for general project management:

Kris Time & Cost Control Process


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