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Our in-house training courses are provided in tandem with our consulting services. The training helps project teams and PMO members to effectively acquire required basic concepts, knowledge, tools and techniques, for practical project management application. Course contents emphasize on team case study discussions and actual practices. At the same time, the courses can assist in constructing initial proposals and blueprints for project management system continuous improvement, based on enterprise needs.

Our training courses have the following specialties:

Simple & Practical Focus on in-depth discussion and practice of project management core application knowledge, tools, and procedures; not crammed with general, functional, operational theories and knowledge; or complicated but impractical theories and techniques.
Balanced & Complete Not limited to scheduling tools or software usage; in-depth discussion and analysis of the impact of enterprise strategy, organization system, structural procedure, and people skills on project management. Special emphasis on people management aspects.
Problems & Case Studies Most project management training only go through the structural procedures; and students passively sit and listen, with little opportunity for group discussion or practice. Such training is usually ineffective for enterprise managers who are in the thick of work-battle everyday. Our training emphasizes team exercises in analyzing and discussing enterprise problems and case studies.
Practice & Application Competence development is only possible by continuous practice and application. Concepts and knowledge need to be actualized in real situations, otherwise they remain theoretical discussions. Enterprise project management training effectiveness can only be proven by actual practice and application.
Customized for Enterprise Specific Needs Different enterprises have different operational requirements, and project management application can be simple or complex. Training that is too much over or under the requirement level, would be ineffective. Our training contents can be customized for different enterprise requirements, including theoretical structure, organization procedures, tools, methods, case analysis, practice etc. This raises the training's actual effectiveness and results.

All our training courses can be used for in-house training, and can be customized for customer needs. For our course list, please <press here>.

If you require our in-house training services, please download and fill-in our 'Enterprise Training Requirements Form', and email to syner.link@msa.hinet.net ; gracefan12@gmail.com. We will contact you as soon as possible.


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