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Service Standard

We established a service management system based on ISO10015 Guidelines for Training Quality Management. We adhere to this system and process in our internal management and customer service.

Service Objectives

We are committed to customer satisfaction. We assess this according to the following criteria:

  1. Product service: practical, suitable, reliable and innovative.
  2. People service: high professional levels of trainers and service people.
  3. Consulting service: enthusiastic, professional, trustworthy and effective.
  4. Process service: realistic and efficient.

Service Execution

We ensure that all our service people and partners understand and comply with our service policy. We continuously develop and train our people to improve service quality. We will also continuously assess and improve our products, services and processes.

Service Assurance

We have a strict service management system, used for continuous monitoring and assessment of all products and services. This helps ensure compliance to our service objectives and standards requirements.

Continuous Improvement

We believe there is always room for improvement, and we are committed to service improvement. Through gathering assessment results, researching possible improvements methods, and implementing improvement plans, we continuously improve our services and increase customer satisfaction.


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