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Kris Project Management Methdology

According to systems thinking, enterprise management functions and structures are built with process groups. And each process group is made up of process units. Each process unit includes 5 basic components:

  1. External components: 'Input' and 'Output'
  2. Internal components: 'Change', 'Regulate', 'Integrate'

These 5 components are initiated and maintained by the 5 elements: 'People', 'Resources', 'Process', 'Tools', and 'Information'.

Using the above systems thinking model, we constructed 'Kris Whole Brain Thinking Model' and 'Kris Systems Control Model'. These two models are the bases to build our other project management related models. The building method is by 'functional breakdown', 'process breakdown', 'objectives breakdown', or 'combination breakdown'.

We believe that through these simplified models, students can hugely increase their understanding of project management's total system framework.


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