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A. Enterprise Human Resources Training Situations

There are many enterprise human resources training situations, but the main ones are:

  1. Lack of clear training strategies, unable to link with enterprise strategies.
  2. Lack of systematic methods, no professional plan and design.
  3. Objectives are unclear, point-and-select training.
  4. Constrained by the quality of training planners and trainees.
  5. Training costs are high, but returns are low.
  6. No effective monitoring procedure for training process.
  7. No feedback after training ends.
  8. Unable to achieve core competitive ability development.

B. Common Problems Faced by Enterprise Training

In training, enterprises must clearly answer the following questions:

  1. How to train human resources' work ability?
  2. How to develop human resources' latent potential?
  3. How to standardize human resources' training procedure?
  4. How to decrease human resources' training costs?
  5. How to increase human resources' training effectiveness?

C. PM Training Plan Execution and Management Procedure

  1. Based on 'ISO10015 Standard' and 'PM 5 Main Processes' as blueprints, we constructed the 'PM Training Plan Execution and Management Process (see Figure 4.1), containing 21 tasks, for PM human resources training reference.
  2. The ISO10015 standard was published in 1999, to standardize human resources' training . It is the only standard in the ISO9000 family that aims to increase organization people training quality.
  3. ISO10015 standardizes 5 main processes, including: (1)determine training needs, (2)design and plan training, (3)execute training, (4)assess training results, (5)monitoring and improvement. These 5 main training processes have 4 main specialties, including: (1)emphasize training process and standardization, (2)emphasize training process' effectiveness, (3)emphasize training process and continuous improvement, (4)wide applicability.

 Figure 4.1: PM Training Plan Execution and Management Process


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