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Kris System Control Model

Kris System Control Model

Modern enterprises organization control models come from systems thinking's Feedback Control System. This type of control model is based on Cybernetic Control System as a matrix, and is project management system framework's main base. Core mechanisms include: (1) stage; (2) control loop; (3) lifecycle; (4) environmental factors etc.

Kris System Control Model

Using project management system elements to match the 4 core control mechanisms, related elements are below:

Core Mechanisms Related Elements
  • Stage
Portfolio management, program management, project management.
  • Control Loop
Initiation, plan, execution, control, closure.
  • Lifecycle
Product lifecycle, project lifecycle, project management lifecycle.
  • Environmental Factors
Market needs, enterprise needs, competition needs, technical needs, legal needs, social needs etc.

Please refer to the figure above for this model's control system and elements.


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