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Project Problems Diagnosis and Solutions

Enterprise Project Problems Diagnosis and Solutions

For enterprise past or present projects, we provide objective assessment tools to help project team members analyze and find solutions for various project problems.
  • For on-going or closed projects, diagnose execution performance, analyze success and failure factors; as basis for corrective actions or lessons learnt.
  • Guide project team members to brainstorm solutions and choose one; assess priorities and draw-up action plans.
  • Train project team members in various methods and tools for problems diagnosis, solutions conception, and objective decision making.
  • To avoid conflict between team members and functional managers, clarify the real problem situation and encourage positive communication.

For more information, please see 'Assessment Tools'

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Project Planning and Execution Mentoring

Enterprise Project Management Planning and Execution Mentoring

We provide mentoring and practical assistance for all project stages: initiation, planning, executing, controlling and closing.
  • Project team building and development training.
  • Project management standard procedures, tools, techniques, templates construction and application.
  • Project management software techniques and operation.
  • Project management information system construction and operation.
  • Project efficiency management tools and techniques.
  • Project management office establishment and management.


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Project Capabilities Diagnosis and Training

Enterprise Managers and Organizational Project Management Capabilities Diagnosis and Training

For different enterprise project management requirements, we provide effective individual and organizational project management capabilities assessment, to help enterprises in:
  • Building best practices and baselines for individual and organizational performances.
  • Assess project managers and team members' actual and required project management capabilities. Design and implement effective training.
  • Assess organizational project management capability maturity level. Design and implement a suitable improvement plan.

For more information, please see 'Assessment Tools'

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Project Team and PMO Building

Enterprise Project Team and Project Management Office (PMO) Building

For project teams and organization building, we provide effective methods and tools to:
  • Determine team members' abilities and personality traits.
  • Construct an efficient team communication management system.
  • Resolve team and inter-departmental conflict problems.
  • Design effective training and development courses.
  • Assess team members' performances.

For enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) building, we provide effective methods and tools to:
  • Assess actual enterprise PMO structure and operation requirements.
  • Build and develop PMO project planning and implementation team.
  • Draft PMO project proposal, scope statement, and detailed plan.
  • Execute, control, assess, improve actual tasks and results.
  • Develop and train PMO internal trainers.

For more information, please see 'Assessment Tools'

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Project Management System Planning and Construction

Enterprise Project Management System Planning, Construction and Implementation

We provide required assistance and mentoring for project management system standard procedures and tools construction, including:
  • Building and developing a project team.
  • Drawing-up the project proposal, charter and detailed execution plans.
  • Determining the standard process framework required by the enterprise project management system.
  • Constructing required control documents, forms, guidelines, templates etc.
  • Mentoring the practical use of training processes, tools, techniques, documents, forms, templates, and case studies.
  • Control, verify, guide, and review project progress, performance, and corrective actions.

For more information, please see 'Kris Project Management Methodology'

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