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Any training plan must produce measurable results to ensure efforts are not wasted and as a base for continuous improvement. Managers core competencies training process can be divided into 4 stages. And training results measurement can be divided into 6 levels (see Figure 5.1).

Using this Learning Model, training planners can effectively:

  • Define various levels of managers core competency elements.
  • Define best case competency need level (6 levels).
  • Assess trainees current competency level (6 levels).
  • Plan and execute suitable training contents and methods for trainees' ability levels.
  • Measure trainees' post-training performance (6 levels).
  • Use measurement results as a performance indicator and advanced training base (repeat above steps).

Actualizing 'define needs→plan→execution→measurement→continuous improvement' 5 main processes will result in training achieving expected results.

 Figure 5.1: Enterprise Managers PM Training Process, Methods, and Measurement Levels
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