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We provide individuals and enterprises with project management training and consulting solutions. We have 14 unit and package courses, to improve key project management skills. Unlike courses provided by other training companies, our courses have the following specialties: emphasis on 'people skills', 'enterprise practical application, 'case studies and exercises'.

Enterprise Training

  • Based on ISO10015 Guidelines for Training's planning and executing steps: confirm needs, design and plan training, execution, assessment, improvement recommendation.
  • The goal is to improve enterprise managers' competencies in technical, project management and people skills.
  • All of our courses can be customized according to enterprise needs.

For more information, please see 'In-House Training'.

Enterprise Consulting

  • Enterprise project management problems diagnosis and solutions.
  • Enterprise practical project management planning and executing mentoring.
  • Enterprise managers and organizational project management capability diagnosis and training.
  • Enterprise project team and project management office establishment.
  • Enterprise project management system building plan and execution.

For more information, please see 'Consulting Services'

Assessment & Diagnosis

  • Enterprise project management problems analysis and prioritization tools:  aid project teams to quickly and effectively find core problems and solutions.
  • Enterprise brainstorming, assessment and group decision making tools:  help enterprises develop ideas and select new businesses, products, equipment investment etc.
  • Project management capability maturity level assessment tools:  understand managers and organizational capability levels.
  • Project teams personality model assessment tools:  understand teams and individuals' thinking models and personality styles.
  • Project teams work styles assessment tools:  understand team members' styles in leadership, communication, learning and others.
  • Project teams conflict models assessment tools:  understand teams and individuals' conflict models.

For more information, please see 'Assessment Tools'


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