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Questions and answers about our company's products, services and activities.


Are you a PMIREP and can you provide PDU certificates?

We are not a PMIREP and we do not provide PDU certificates. However, according to PMI, PDUs can be translated from any legitimate project management training. This includes training from universities, colleges, and non-PMIREP training providers.

An excerpt from PMI CCR Handbook:

Category 4: Other Provider
Contact hours of project management education may be earned by attending relevant educational programs offered by organizations not registered with PMI. To calculate the number of PDUs earned, use the following formula: one (1) contact hour of learning relevant to project management within a structured activity or course equals one (1) PDU.

Documentation Required upon PMI audit/request: registration form, certificate or letter of attendance, and a brochure or course materials outlining the subject matter covered and the qualifications of the instructor/lecturer.

We can provide the required attendance, course contents, and lecturers information materials in English, which you can submit to PMI as proof of training.

For more on this, please refer to PMI CCR Handbook.

I want to take the PMP exam, are your training courses eligible?

Yes, our courses are eligible.

According to PMI, you require at least 35 contact hours of project management training to be eligible to take the PMP exam. This training can be from a variety of sources, including universities, colleges, and non-PMIREP training providers.

Excerpts from PMI PMP Handbook:

35 Contact Hours of Education
Candidates must verify at least 35 contact hours of specific instruction that addresses learning objectives in project management. Candidates can document all project management education hours regardless of when they were accrued so long as course work has been completed at the time of application. These hours may include content on project quality, scope, time, cost, human resources, communications, risk, procurement and integration management.

Candidates can satisfy the project management educational requirements by demonstrating the successful completion of courses, workshops, and training sessions through one or more of the following types of education providers:
  • Courses or programs offered by PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)*
  • University/college academic and continuing education programs
  • Courses or programs offered by PMI Component organizations*
  • Courses or programs offered by employer/company-sponsored programs
  • Courses or programs offered by distance-learning companies, including an end of course assessment.
  • Courses or programs offered by training companies or consultants

We can provide the required attendance, course contents, and lecturers information materials in English, which you can submit to PMI as proof of training.

For more on this, please refer to PMI PMP Handbook.


Public Training

What is your school's public training registration and confirmation procedure?

We collate registrants in advance before confirming a course. Our procedure is:

  1. Students registration (by email or fax)
  2. Confirm students registration (by email)
  3. Collate registrants until achieve minimum required number (if does not achieve, course is cancelled)
  4. Confirm course and request students for payment (by email; payment can be done by TT, ATM transfer, check)
  5. Confirm receipt of payment (by email)
  6. Send out confirmed course information (by email, 2-7 days before class including locations, dates, times)
  7. Start course
What is the minimal number of students before you open a class?

This varies depending on the type of class, but normally it is 20 people.

How many hours/day are the classes?

This varies depending on the type of class. Knowledge and theory classes are normally 6-7hrs/day, workshops are 7-8hrs/day to give more time for exercises and group presentations.

Do you provide any discounts?

We normally provide a discount for 3 people registering together (10% discount). This may vary depending on the type of course. Please check the course information page for specific discount information.

What is your policy on cancellations and refunds?

Cancellations received up to 7 days before are fully refundable. After that, cancellations are subject to the entire course fee, which you may apply toward a future course for a one year period from the date of the original course. Please note that if you don't cancel and don't attend, you will still be responsible for payment.

What if I miss a class?

If you have missed a class day(s), you will receive an email from us after the class ends. You can make up the day(s) in future courses within a one year period. Please note, you must make up the day(s) before you receive a certificate of completion from us.

Are the courses arranged by other organizations the same as yours?

We cooperate with several organizations to provide public training courses including ITRI College and PIDA. We provide course design, course contents, slides, handout design, and teaching. Students registrations and class arrangements are done by them. So the registrations procedures, discount and refund policies, are according to their policies and procedures.


In-House Training

How can my company book an in-house training with you?

Our in-house training follows a simple procedure:

  1. Contact us (by telephone/email) and let us know your preliminary requirements.
  2. Our service people will discuss and refine those requirements with you.
  3. We will send you a training proposal and price quotation.
  4. Revise proposal as necessary.
  5. You will sign back the price quotation as an agreement to the terms and conditions.
  6. Start course.
Where will the in-house training be held?

We can hold the training at your company's meeting room, conference room, or at an outside location. We do not normally provide a location for in-house training.

What are the benefits of in-house training?
  1. Lower per-trainee cost
  2. Complete confidentiality
  3. Customization of course contents and case studies to your industry, company and trainees' levels.
  4. Convenient scheduling
  5. Pre-training assessment of enterprise actual training needs
  6. Organization wide improvement

If you have questions not answered here, pleasecontact us.


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