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Recommended books on project management product management, people skills, personality analysis, brain development and others.

Project Management Books

◎Book Name Accelerated Project Management: How to Be First to Market
◎Author James P. Lewis, Louis Wong
◎Publisher McGraw-Hill, 2008
◎Description This book provides a good introduction to project management use in product R&D management.

◎Book Name The Project Manager's Pocket Survival Guide
◎Author James P. Lewis
◎Publisher McGraw-Hill, 2003
◎Description A very interesting and humorous book about the real life of a project manager. Share a laugh as the author describes a typical project manager's job.

◎Book Name Project Planning, Scheduling & Control
◎Author James P. Lewis
◎Publisher McGraw-Hill, 2005
◎Description This book provides a comprehensive coverage of Project Management, with the unique addition of people aspects, which is a specialty of the author.


Product Management Books

◎Book Name Next Generation Product Development : How to Increase Productivity, Cut Costs, and Reduce Cycle Times
◎Author Michael E. McGrath
◎Publisher McGraw-Hill, 2004
◎Description A comprehensive look on Product Development Management, with a lot of Project Management concepts.

◎Book Name The Product Manager's Field Guide : Practical Tools, Exercises, and Resources for Improved Product Management
◎Author Linda Gorchels
◎Publisher McGraw-Hill, 2003
◎Description A good book on Product Management.

◎Book Name The Product Managers Handbook
◎Author Linda Gorchels
◎Publisher McGraw-Hill, 2005
◎Description A excellent introduction to Product Management.


People Skills Books

◎Book Name Emotional Intelligence
◎Author Daniel Goleman
◎Publisher Bantam, 2006
◎Description The definitive book on EQ, that provides a lot of information about brain structure. Very interesting.


Brain Development Books

◎Book Name

The Whole Brain Business Book

◎Author Ned Hermann
◎Publisher McGraw-Hill, 1996
◎Description Introduces the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI), which divides the brain into 4 quadrants, and says we have preferences for use of each quadrant. This is a well known and interesting instrument.


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