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Kris Project Management Model

Kris Project Management Model

Most project management models emphasize process, tools and techniques. We emphasize strategy, systems, tools/techniques, organization, and people; and the balance amongst these 5 dimensions. The 'people' dimension is the most important, because people is the main part of organizations; people execute and control systems; people use tools/techniques; and people define strategies. Therefore, people is the core factor for integrating a project management model.

Kris PM Model was designed by Dr. Kris Lai after many years of real-world experience in project management.

Kris Project Management Model

# Items Description
5 Strategy At the top of the pyramid, related to enterprise survival's meaning, values, vision and objectives. Used for deciding 'meaningful and right tasks'. Original source of project requirements.
4 Systems Includes all standard processes, procedures, guides, policies, and project management information system etc. Used as a base for project execution and control.
3 Tools/Techniques Includes all project management methods, tools, techniques, software, forms, templates, examples, guides etc. Used for supporting project tasks in initiating, planning, controlling, executing and closing.
2 Organization Used for ensuring project personnel have the authority, responsibility and accountability to execute project tasks. Including organization structure, roles and responsibilities, human resources policy, performance management, rules and regulations etc.
1 People Foundation of the pyramid.  Project management's core energy and motivation source. All judgments, decisions and actions are in the hands of 'people'. From thinking up meaningful strategies, determining accurate scope and objectives, planning effective process methods, to selecting suitable project team members; these are all the influences of 'people'.


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