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We understand enterprise project management training and practical application needs. We can provide the best solutions to fulfill these needs. Please see below on why you should choose us:

We Emphasize Practical Training Courses

We are not another PMP exam cram school!

  • PMP exam only emphasizes general knowledge and theories, it will not help enterprise managers increase practical project management ability.
  • We emphasize different industry and management operation requirements, such as RD, engineering, construction; or strategic alliance, resources planning, and different levels of project management.
  • We emphasize the use of actual case studies, practical exercises and examples.

For more information, please see 'Training 5 Steps' and 'Course List'

We Emphasize Industry Practical Application

We specialize in enterprise project management practical application!
  • Project management is not just a theoretical knowledge, it is also a highly effective cross-departmental organization management technique.
  • For different organizations' practical work needs, we provide effective tools and techniques to help complete various tasks.
  • We provide professional project management system solutions to help enterprises resolve various problems.

For more information, please see 'Consulting Services'

We Emphasize the Importance of 'People Skills'

The most important aspect of projects is 'People', 'People', and more 'People'!
  • Project management's actual function is 'people management'.
  • Without adequate 'people skills', all technical knowledge and tools will not produce good effects.
  • We emphasize project management's 'people skills', such as project leadership, teamwork, project environment, political and cultural issues, problem solving, and effective decision making etc.

For more information, please see 'Course List'

We Specialize in Enterprise Project Management System Construction

  • Before implementing a project management system, a thorough diagnosis must be done on an enterprise's nature and needs.
  • We provide total solutions for enterprise project management system implementation.
  • These solutions are based on ISO10015 Guidelines for Training, UK OGC PRINCE2 Project Management Method, PMI OPM3 Organizational Project Management Maturity Model, and ISO10006 Guidelines for Quality Management in Projects etc.

For more information, please see 'Consulting Case: Enterprise Project Management Standard Operating Procedure Construction'

We Emphasize Project Management Use in Everyday Life

Project management is not just a management tool, it is a 'way of life', and can improve your life quality!

Project management is not just a boring technical management tool, useful only in enterprise management frameworks, systems and processes. It can also be very useful in dealing with life decisions and everyday problems, including:

  • Setting goals for professional career development.
  • Improving interpersonal relationships.
  • Improving work effectiveness.
  • Developing confidence in work and personal abilities.

Dr. Kris Lai has spent years in project management study, research and application. He can teach you how to effectively use project management in your personal 'life project management'.


For more information, please Contact Us
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