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To be our customers' most trusted and valued provider of project management training and consulting services. Our business ability and service quality shall be comparable to reputable international project management training and consulting companies.


  1. Provide the best project management training and consulting services. Emphasis on "people skills", "enterprise practical application", "enterprise project management system and project management office (PMO) development".
  2. Continuously promote project management practical application, knowledge and techniques; to the public and enterprises; through participation and support of professional associations. Provide enterprise actual case studies and research results as feedback to academia.
  3. Develop a good company system, culture and environment. Effectively cultivate professional trainers, consultants and service people. Encourage continuous self-improvement in professional abilities and service quality. 


To be customer commended in the performance of our business and services. Continuously upgrade company's total professional ability and image.
Fulfill our promises to our customers by investing in required effort, resources, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Become a trusted partner for our customers.
Provide best products and services that exceed customer requirements; achieve high customer satisfaction. Continuously improve product and service quality.
Continuously innovate and develop new products and services, providing customers with top value project management knowledge, methodologies and techniques.
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