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Kris Enterprise Strategic PM Model

Kris Enterprise Strategic PM Model

Enterprises, in response to external and internal needs, must continuously change strategies to discover potential opportunities. Strategic project management can help enterprises search for meaningful dreams in terms of survival values and objectives. And gradually transform dreams into applicable portfolios. This transformation process requires:

  1. Purpose: define new strategic objectives.
  2. Position: determine strategic required competitive position.
  3. Proposal: propose feasible business case.
  4. People: analyze stakeholders' influence and responsibilities.
  5. Product: define scope and deliverables.
  6. Pool: assess project execution priorities and required resources budgets.
  7. Plan: construct project execution detailed plan.
  8. Perform: execute project, control, and closure.

Based on the above transformation process, below is Kris' integrated enterprise strategic project management model:

Kris Enterprise Strategic Project Management Model


Synonym Name
PMCOE Project Management Center of Excellence
PMO Project Management Office
PSO Project Supporting Office
PST Project Supporting Team


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