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A4 Product RD Project Schedule Compression and Management

Course Introduction

Product RD's main mission is: use limited resources, in shortest time, according to quality and scope, to finish assigned tasks and produce required deliverables. Therefore, schedule efficiency and effectiveness is product RD's biggest challenge.

RD schedule management's main challenge comes from many practical problems, such as:

  1. RD objectives, benefits, deliverables and work scope are difficult to define clearly in the beginning of a project. Therefore, a lot of change is incurred at later stages, causing major impacts on keeping to the project schedule.
  2. Many assumptions and constraints are overlooked, causing latent risks. And there may not be an effective risk plan and problem solving mechanism. Everyone become 'firefighters', wasting a lot of time in solving problems and re-doing mistakes, instead of concentrating on producing effective deliverables.
  3. In planning, there may be a lack of stringent work breakdown logic, causing unclear tasks allocation, and unspecified priorities. There may also be a lack of software tools, hindering communication between project personnel, and resulting in a not trusted project plan.
  4. In project execution, there may be a lack of an effective control mechanism. There are no simple but effective tracking, analysis, review and corrective actions. The project's initial plan is just a token for reference, and not a baseline for control. Project executors may go their own way, and end up pushing responsibility for delays to others.

Every project manager's biggest hope is to reduce RD time. Simply looking from the point of scheduling, maybe there are some effective techniques for compressing schedules. But the point is, project delay's real reasons may not just be a scheduling problem.

This course provides complete system framework, case studies, management techniques for RD schedule compression.

Course Contents

Day No Unit Contents Hours
Day 1 1 Course Introduction
  • Course introduction, teams forming, and assignments briefing
2 RD Schedule Problems and Needs
  • Realities of RD schedule delays
  • Predicament of old RD schedule problems solving methods
  • RD schedule compression - 3 levels and 6 steps
3 Project Plan's Main Missions
  • How to structure an effective project organization?
  • How to effectively define deliverables and tasks?
  • How to effectively plan for quality and sign-off?
  • How to effectively plan resources requirements?
  • How to effectively allocate tasks?
  • How to effectively plan for risks management?
  • How to effectively plan for communication and reports?
4 Team Exercise Introduction
  • Project plan construction and presentation.
Day 2 5 Scheduling Tools and Techniques
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) software use and demo
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) software use and demo
  • MS-Project scheduling software use and demo
  • Schedule compression principles and demo.
6 Status Tracking and Management
  • Status data collection and tracking
  • Actual status values input and calculation
  • Status analysis and review
  • Problems solving and management
  • Status report construction
  • Project documents and files management.
7 Team Exercise Presentation
  • Project plan construction and presentation.
  • Conclusion

(In order to improve course quality, we reserve the right to modify course contents in part or in whole)

Course Benefits

  1. Understand the phenomenon and actual causes of RD schedule delays.
  2. Understand why old methods of solving RD schedule delays fail.
  3. Understand effective RD schedule management total framework and methods.
  4. Learn how to effectively plan project scope objectives.
  5. Learn how to effectively plan resources, quality, risks and communication.
  6. Learn how to effectively use project scheduling compression techniques.
  7. Learn how to effectively control status and performance, to maintain project schedule integrity.
  8. Learn how to construct smart project plans.

Course Targets and Execution

Target Market and product planners, product RD designers and managers, purchasing managers, quality and manufacturing personnel, financial and cost controllers, and all those interested in RD time management and schedule compression.
Emphasis RD time management theoretical framework, process, procedures, forms, techniques, methodologies, actual practice and application.
Method Case studies, templates, exercises, team discussions and presentations.
Time 09:00-12:00.13:00-17:00, 14 hours, 2 days

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