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C4 Project Management Office Establishment and Operation

Course Introduction

Traditional manufacturing oriented enterprises often use MRP, JIT or similar operation management systems. However, as a result of enterprise competitive edge requirements, a lot of mission oriented projects arise; such as portfolio projects, product RD projects, information system integration projects, customer relationship management projects, Six Sigma projects etc.

These mission oriented projects are often the lifeblood of enterprise future survival and growth. This is because their success can help enterprises continuously transform, attain greater strength and excellence. Enterprises can then accumulate enough competitive edge to successfully face the next wave of challenges.

For manufacturing oriented enterprises, how to effectively manage these vital mission oriented projects is a big headache. This is because a project organization structure is different from traditional functional organization structures. For example, project organizations emphasize cross-departmental performance integration, whereas functional organizations emphasize individual department performance objectives. These two types of organization structures, functions and management methods are vastly different.

How can enterprises effectively establish a mission oriented project management system? This includes establishing common language, common process, common organization, performance measurement and continuous improvement; the five process objectives. At the same time, it is required to develop a project management office and project management human resources.

Based on the above requirements, this course systematically teaches project management system and project management office establishment related knowledge structures and process methods. This will help students build practical and required abilities.

Course Contents

Day No Unit Contents Hours
Day 1 1 Course Introduction
  • Course introduction
2 Project Management Office (PMO) Main Concepts
  • What is PMO?
  • PMO levels and types
  • PMO's strategic importance
  • PMO's main functions
  • PMO's establishment and operation costs
  • PMO establishment benefits and drawbacks
3 PMO 5 Main Functions
  • Provide project teams with PM support
  • Provide organization with PM consulting and monitoring
  • Develop and maintain organization PM methodology and standards
  • Provide organization with PM training plan and execution
  • Provide organization with qualified PM human resources
4 PMS and PMO Establishment Execution and Integrated Process
  • Train PM common knowledge and language
  • Assign project sponsor for PMS and PMO building project
  • Assess and define enterprise PMS and PMO project preliminary scope statement
  • Submit project mandate for top management approval
  • Establish PMO
    (a) Assign a qualified PMO director
    (b) Define PMO vision, mission, values, policy and strategic objectives
    (c) Define PMO organization structure, and personnel roles and responsibilities
    (d) Build PMO work contents description, standard management processes and forms
    (e) Write PMO initial work plan and budget report
    (f) Submit initial work plan and budget report for project sponsor's approval
    (g) Establish PMO work team and develop required abilities
  • Execute, monitor and control PMO annual work plan
  • Assess and review actual execution performance
  • Draft and execute continuous improvement action plan
5 Lessons Learnt and Conclusion
  • PMO establishment main constraints and problems
  • Lessons learnt in overcoming problems and constraints
  • Q&A and conclusion

(In order to improve course quality, we reserve the right to modify course contents in part or in whole)

Course Benefits

  1. Understand project management's importance to modern enterprises, including main values, functions, and common problems.
  2. Familiarize with project management system total framework, including organization structure, process method, tools, techniques, and people skills dimensions.
  3. Learn project management system building's process method.
  4. Understand project management office characteristics and importance.
  5. Understand project management office's 5 main functions.
  6. Learn project management system and project management office establishment integrated process method.
  7. Learn how to implement project management organization structure, system building, and human resources training integrated plan.

Course Targets and Execution


Target Enterprise different levels managers, project managers, project team members, training planners, or those currently involved in project management related work.
Emphasis Enterprise project management system and project management office establishment's theoretical framework, process, methods, tools, application, practical exercises etc.
Method Case studies, templates, exercises, teams discussion and presentations
Time 09:00-12:00.13:00-17:00, 7 hours, 1 day

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