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B1 Project Team Building and Performance Management

Course Introduction

Project management guru, Jim Lewis, once said: "In project management, everyone emphasize tools like CPM, EVA, WBS etc. However, we rarely see projects fail due to a lack of understanding on the use of such tools. On the other hand, we often see people problems causing project failures." These problems include:

  • Unable to find suitable team members.
  • Unable to gain team members' trust and commitment.
  • Unable to solve political problems between two superiors.
  • Unable to have effective communication among professionals with different backgrounds.
  • Unable to resolve project manager's dilemma of having responsibility but no power.
  • Unable to resolve team members' disputes and conflicts.
  • Unable to effectively deal with low performance team members.
  • Unable to boost team members' spirit.

You may be a good technical manager, great at solving technical related problems. However, for problems requiring negotiation, communication, coordination, accommodation or other people related issues, you may be at a total loss. It may cause you a great deal of headaches, frustration and stress. Through experience and frequent mistakes, you may be able to realize your own set of reasoning on this. However, facing each project's different environment, needs and organization, you will always need different attitudes and methods to deal with similar problems.

There is a saying: "leadership is inborn, not developed". However, natural born leaders are few, and many successful leaders actually can learn useful knowledge, techniques and abilities through formal or informal channels. As a project team leader or manager, do you have these required team management knowledge, techniques and abilities? If you are still bogged down in "solving people problems", this course will give you much help.

Course Contents

Day No Unit Contents Hours
Day 1 1 Course Introduction
  • Course introduction, teams forming, and assignments briefing
2 What is Project Team Management?
  • Team definition
  • Project team types
  • High performance project team definition
  • Project team performance core influence issues
  • Project team management process
3 Building a Dream Team
  • Define team organization, roles and responsibilities
  • Use 'Whole Brain Model' to choose project team members
  • Team building process and methodology
4 Initiate Team Commitment
  • Set team common values, policies and objectives
  • Define team's formal communication method
  • Project kick-off meeting presentation
5 Develop A to A+ Project Team Ability
  • Team development stages and behavioral model
  • Develop team ability and relationship
  • Assess project team ability
  • Effective team training plan and implementation (ISO10015 Training Standard use)
  • Assess team members' performance
6 Facilitate Project Team Innovation and Cooperation
  • Team members cooperation and competition
  • Effective team communication method
  • Team and inter-departmental conflict resolving
  • Team innovation problems solving and decision-making
7 Building Team Spirit
  • Understand the difference between team members attitudes and motivation
  • Understand the 10 rules of human nature
  • How to deal with low performing team members?
  • How to effectively motivate team members?
  • How to create good environment and culture?
  • Understand leadership styles and influence power
8 Team Exercises
  • Exercise 1: Team learning model assessment tool introduction, demo and practice
  • Exercise 2: TKI conflict model assessment tool introduction, demo and practice

(In order to improve course quality, we reserve the right to modify course contents in part or in whole)

Course Benefits

  1. Understand project team management total framework and process.
  2. Learn how to build a dream team.
  3. Learn how to motivate team members' commitment.
  4. Learn how to effectively develop team ability and performance.
  5. Learn how to promote team innovation and cooperation.
  6. Learn how to bolster team spirit.

Course Targets and Execution

Target All who are interested in team building and management, including leaders, managers, organizers, trainers, HR etc.
Emphasis Project team building and management theoretical framework, process, procedures, forms, techniques, methodologies, actual practice and application.
Method Case studies, templates, teams exercises
Time 09:00-12:00.13:00-17:00, 7 hours, 1 day

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