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Enterprise Project Management Standard Operating Procedure (PM SOP) Construction

Basic Information

Project Name Enterprise Project Management Standard Operating Procedure (PM SOP) Construction.
Customer Industry Financial services.
Customer Name Top1 Finance Company (due to service contract's confidential clause, customer's real name is withheld).
Department Project Management Office (PMO) in company headquarters.
Members Specialists, assistant managers, and managers in PMO and various departments; totally 20 people.
Period First stage of completing PM SOP Manual approximately 4-5 months, 4 consulting hours per week.


In the face of external competitions and internal growth pressures, Top1's top management understand the importance of effective implementation of company's strategic objectives and the realization of investment benefits. Top1's PMO is designated the responsibility of planning and constructing a PM SOP manual, as a PM guide for the PMO and all business units. At the same time, the manual acts as a best model for training, and assessment basis for enterprise PM ability development.

Project Objectives

  • Within a defined period and budget, complete an 'Enterprise PM SOP Manual' according to customer requirements.
  • Effectively help each business unit's PM responsible person to familiarize and use all the knowledge, concepts, procedures, forms, techniques, and tools, contained in the manual.
  • Improve PM responsible people's PM ability.
  • Strengthen PMO's operational ability.
  • Improve enterprise's strategic PM effective implementation ability.

Deliverables and Sign-off Standards

Main Deliverables
Work Deliverables
Sign-off Standard
  • Top1 'Enterprise PM SOP Manual'.
  • All procedure charts, forms, reports, tools, templates, examples and instructions.
Work Plan Deliverables:
  • Scope plan, budget plan, human resources plan, schedule plan, work team allocation plan, documents and files management plan, deliverables quality sign-off plan, stage status review plan.

Work Execution Deliverables:

  • Each procedure's 1st, 2nd and final drafts.
  • Status reviews' presentation materials.
  • Trainings required presentation and case study materials.

Work Monitoring and Closure Deliverables:

  • Stage status reports.
  • Stage results review reports.
  • Work teams' work plans, status reports, documents logs.
  • Work teams' project closure reports.
  • Work teams' team performance assessment reports.
Sign-off with previously planned assessment forms:
  • Deliverables Assessment Form
  • Stage Closure Review Form
  • Team Performance Assessment Form

Expected Benefits and Assessment Method

Expected Stage Benefits
Assessment Method
1. Training Stage Enterprise business units' PM personnel can proficiently use all the procedures, forms, tools and techniques etc.
  • Project manager ability assessment form.
  • Case study report assessment form.
2. Technical Maturity Stage Enterprise business units can effectively apply PM SOP procedures, forms, tools, techniques etc., in managing all their projects related work.
  • Effective application assessment form.
  • Project organizational ability assessment form.
  • PM standard procedure use status audit report.
3. Results Showing Stage Enterprise business units can notably improve the percentage of projects objectives achievement and projects benefits realization.
  • Project objectives achievement efficiency: scope, time, cost, quality variance analysis.
  • Project expected benefits and actual achievement analysis report.

Consulting Work Brief

Consultant's Work
Customer PMO's Work
  • Assist in building PM team.
  • Construct project scope and work plan.
  • Draw-up project communication and monitoring plan.
  • Draw-up deliverables sign-off quality standards and milestones.
  • Provide and explain templates and examples.
  • Teach writing techniques, methods, and tools use.
  • Assist in progress tracking and follow-up.
  • Assist in editing initial and final drafts.
  • Guide PM SOP manual's training materials preparation.
  • Assist in planning project team's tasks assignment, schedule, and related communication coordination.
  • According to planned schedule, execute related tasks.
  • Assign suitable project sponsor and project manager.
  • Assign suitable personnel for the project team; responsible for writing-up PM SOP manual.
  • According to project schedule, participate in and execute each consulting unit's planned tasks.
  • According to project requirements, discuss and provide recommendations.

Execution and Follow-on Work

Consulting Results Project is finished successfully. All project deliverables are on time and on quality.
Follow-on Consulting Work
  1. PM SOP manual practical use training plan and execution.
  2. PM internal lecturer training and development plan and execution.
  3. 'Computerized Enterprise PM Information System' construction plan and execution.
  4. PMO functions stage development plan and construction.
Customer Feedback Customer is very happy with project execution, progress and results; and provides full participation and support.


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