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B4 Project Managers Leadership Development Map

Course Introduction

Leadership's legend and allure is one of modern management science's hottest topics. From personality theory, styles theory, charisma theory to situational theory; all try to discover leadership's required abilities characteristics. However, is there really one convincing leadership model? Looking at renowned leaders in business, politics, military and religion; it seems difficult to find a clear and unanimous leadership characteristic. In fact, different cultures, time periods, backgrounds, and organization environments create different great leaders.

Since leadership's common characteristics are so difficult to define, how do enterprises choose and develop required leaders? Is there a systematic and effective knowledge structure, method and tools to help choose and train potential leaders? In the light of this need, we specially designed this course; that not only teaches general leadership theories, but also provides a comprehensive leadership abilities map and three types of effective project leaders ability assessment models.  These can be used as a reference for enterprise selection and training of potential leaders. It can also be used for self-assessment of project leadership abilities and as an improvement baseline.

Course Contents

Day No Unit Contents Hours
Day 1 1 Course Introduction
  • Course introduction, teams forming, and assignments briefing
2 Leadership Definition and Importance
  • What is leadership?
  • Difference between management and leadership
  • Good and bad leadership, the differences and impacts
  • Types of leaders in a project organization, their roles and responsibilities
  • Project leaders responsibilities in 5 main PM processes
3 Don't Excellent Leaders Have Common Characteristics and Styles?
  • What are the common personality characteristics of excellent leaders?
  • What are the best styles of excellent leaders?
  • How to understand self leadership characteristics and style?
4 Do 'Situations Create Heroes' or 'Heroes Create Situations'?
  • What is situational leadership?
  • How do situational elements influence leadership?
  • What are the most suitable situations for different leadership styles?
  • How to effectively use situational leadership?
  • What are the must-have adaptability abilities of excellent leaders?
5 What is the Abilities Map of Excellent Leaders?
  • Difficulty of building leaders abilities map
  • General mistaken viewpoints of leadership
  • What are the 5 levels of leadership and the differences in abilities?
  • Tent-like leadership abilities map
  • COP model's impact on leadership
  • Kris Project Leaders Abilities Map
6 How to Develop Excellent Leadership Abilities?
  • How to define and assess organizational leaders abilities? (Top 10 benchmarks 360∘analysis use)
  • Project leadership abilities assessment models - PMMM, PMCDF, ICB
  • How to improve self leadership style and attitude?
  • How to increase self's passion and motivation?
  • How to improve self leadership skills?
  • How to adapt to and change leadership environment?
7 Teams Exercise and Discussion
  • Leadership models assessments introduction and practice
  • Conclusion and discussion

(In order to improve course quality, we reserve the right to modify course contents in part or in whole)

Course Benefits

  1. Understand leadership definition and characteristics.
  2. Understand project organization different levels of leaders, their roles and responsibilities.
  3. Understand different leadership characteristics and styles.
  4. Learn how to recognize self leadership characteristics.
  5. Understand leadership and situation's mutual influence and relationship.
  6. Learn how to build project leaders abilities map.
  7. Learn how to assess project leaders abilities.
  8. Learn how to improve self leadership style and abilities.
  9. Learn how to increase self leadership passion and motivation.

Course Targets and Execution


Target Enterprise different levels of managers, project managers, project team members, planners and those interested in project leadership.
Emphasis Project leadership theoretical framework, process, procedures, forms, techniques, methodologies, actual practice and application.
Method Case studies, templates, teams exercises
Time 09:00-12:00.13:00-17:00, 7 hours, 1 day

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