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A1 Team Managers Core Foundation Project Management

Course Introduction

Team managers are mainly responsible for first-line work plan, execution, monitoring and control. Their responsibilities emphasize on small work teams coordination and communication. They normally report to their department's head, or to an inter-departmental project manager. Therefore, they require training in operational work team management abilities.

This course suits those responsible for single, small, easy, and short-term functional related work team managers, including: front-line managers of different professional backgrounds such as administration, human resources, accounting, engineering, RD, manufacturing, purchasing, sales and marketing, communication, quality management etc. 

Course Contents

Day No Unit Contents Hours
Day 1 1 Course Introduction
  • Course introduction, teams forming, and assignments briefing
2 Project Initiation
  • Project management definition and methodology
  • Project team organization and function
  • Project team roles and responsibilities
3 Project Planning
  • Define deliverables and specifications
  • Define tasks and contents
  • Plan activity resources
  • Designate tasks
  • Determine main milestone activities and time
  • Estimate activity time and cost
  • Plan quality acceptance
  • Plan project risks
  • Plan communication and reporting methods
4 Team Exercise Instruction
  • Project plan preparation principles and case studies
Day 2 5 Schedule Planning
  • Critical Path Method (CPM) principles and practice
  • MS-Project scheduling use and demo
6 Project Executing
  • Project log
  • Quality check and log
  • Worksheet management
  • Sign-off and delivery
7 Project Controlling
  • Status track and log
  • Actual status value record and calculation
  • Status analysis and review
  • Problem solving and management
  • Status report
  • Project documents and files management
8 Project Closing
  • Contract and administrative closure
  • Closure report and review
9 Team Presentation and Discussion
  • Project plan preparation and presentation
10 Summary and Discussion
  • Q&A

(In order to improve course quality, we reserve the right to modify course contents in part or in whole)

Course Benefits

  1. Understand work team management definition and methodology.
  2. Learn how to construct work team organization, and roles and responsibilities division.
  3. Learn how to define and structure work contents.
  4. Learn how to plan work schedule, resources and budget.
  5. Learn how to plan quality, communication and documents management.
  6. Learn how to construct a work plan.
  7. Learn how to execute and deliver work deliverables.
  8. Learn how to control work status and performance.
  9. Learn how to close work team, and produce closure report.

Course Target and Execution

Target Team managers in charge of single, small, simple, short-term functional work plan, execution and control. Managers of administration, human resources, engineering, RD, manufacturing, purchasing, marketing, communication, quality and other functional departments.
Emphasis Project management core foundation theoretical framework, process, procedures, forms, techniques, methodologies, actual practice and application.
Method Case studies, templates, exercises, team discussions and presentations.
Time 09:00-12:00.13:00-17:00, 14 hours, 2 days

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